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Virtual Reality, Android Music and Electric Flesh

Arthur Kroker

I can't watch CNN or C-Span for more than half-an-hour without a Kroker take intruding on my cable-assisted stream-of-consciousness.
-Bruce Sterling

A postmodern prophet - may be the Marshall McLuhan for the 1990's.

Mixing wit, bombast, and parody, Kroker's work stands alone. Coruscating, maddening, and unique.
-Mondo 2000.

As rap songs tell us about real boys in the hood and cyberpunk has its roots in the real underground techno-culture, Kroker's theory-fiction gives us an instant understanding of real media phenomena.

Spasm in both its real (book) and virtual (music) forms is an exciting and mind expanding sampler for exploring this new realm (virtual reality).
-Wilson Library Bulletin.

In purely compositional terms there are some really wonderful juxtapositions, liquid mergers, and dimensional effects.
-Jacki Apple, High Performance.

This might be just the background music for your next Halloween Crash Dummy, thrash-chummy mosh.
-Issac Azimov's Sci-Fi Review.

Spasm is an explosive mixture of cyberpunk and social critique... a remake of Videodrome, navigating in the territory of the new digital frontier.
-Roberto Aita, la Repubblica.

SPASM is magnificent.
-Louis Andriessen.

Spasm is the 1990s. A theory-fiction about the crash world of virtual reality, from the cold sex of Madonna Mutant, the pure sex of Michael Jackson and the dead sex of Elvis to the technological fetishes of Silicon Valley. Written from the perspectives of cultural politics, music, photography, cinema and cyber-machine art, Spasm explores the ecstasy and fadeout of wired culture. Here, we suddenly find ourselves the inhabitants of a glittering, but vaguely menacing, technological galaxy where the machines finally begin to speak.

Spasm is a book/CD to take along with you on your hacker journey of the electronic frontier.


Preface: Premonition of Spasm, Bruce Sterling
1. Spasm (in 4 sections for the WWW)
2. Scenes from the Recombinant Body
3. Organs Without Bodies: The Liquid Ideology of Virtual Reality
4. Cyber Ears
5. Spasm: The Sound of Virtual Reality I
6. Spasm: The Sound of Virtual Reality II, Steve Gibson
7. Crash Machines
8. Severed Heads: Fetish Freaks and Body Outlaws in the Age of Recombinant Photography
9. Spasm: The Screen (Excremental TV)
10. Spasm: The End (Baudrillard Recombinant)
11. Spasm: The Empire (Virtual America: Let the Dead Bury the Living)

[cover] Spasm: Virtual Reality, Android Music and Electric Flesh
by Arthur Kroker
1993, New World Perspectives, CultureTexts Series
Montreal: New World Perspectives, ISBN 0-920393-35-7
Published simultaneously in the USA by Palgrave, ISBN 0-31209-681-X

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