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Data Trash
The Theory of the Virtual Class

Arthur Kroker and Michael A. Weinstein


When the shadows grow deeper, and skeletal hands pull the curtain closed, and the talking heads of CNN glow like gibbous moons in the corner, and the majordomo throws another Branch Davidian on the fire, then my choice is clear: I'll pull my collar up and hunker down under the rusty springs of the couch with another heaping helping of Data Trash.
-Bruce Sterling, Mondo 2000

In Data Trash, Kroker and Weinstein see a decidedly seamy underbelly to this gushing techno-euphoria about everything from the information superhighway to virtual reality and go after it with extremely sharp knives.
-San Francisco Chronicle

On the post cyberpunk techno theory circuit, the name of the future to watch is Arthur Kroker.
-The Observer, London

Ranking up there with the works of Marshall McLuhan, Neal Stephenson and William Gibson, Data Trash shouldn't be missed...
-Lumpen Times, Chicago

Arthur Kroker is our remorseless Adorno. This book continues Kroker and Weinstein's work of dismantling the creaky edifice of high modernity.
-Stanley Aronowitz, CUNY Graduate Center


Preface: Data Trash
1. The Theory of the Virtual Class
2. Virtual Ideology
3. The Will to Virtuality
4. The Political Economy of Virtual Reality
5. Prime Time Reports
6. Virtual (Photographic) Culture
7. The Virtual History File
Epilogue: Data Flesh
Data Trash Glossary

[cover] Data Trash: The Theory of the Virtual Class
Arthur Kroker and Michael A. Weinstein
1994, New World Perspectives, CultureTexts Series
Montreal: New World Perspectives, ISBN 0-920393-23-3
Published simultaneously in the USA by Palgrave, ISBN 0-31212-211-X

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