Code Drift: Essays in Critical Digital Studies
LEFT BEHIND:Flight from the Flesh
BORN AGAIN IDEOLOGY: Religion, Technology and Terrorism
Digital Delirium
Hacking the Future
Data Trash
The Possessed Individual
The Last Sex
Body Invaders
The Hysterical Male
Ideology and Power
Panic Encyclopedia
The Postmodern Scene
Life After Postmodernism
Technology and the Canadian Mind
C.B. Macpherson
Culture Critique
Northrop Frye

Code Drift:
Essays in Critical Digital Studies

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, editors

Call it what you will--hauntologies, specters, disavowals, disappearances, the missing third term--one thing is clear, understanding code drift urgently requires that the technical language of the regime of computation be supplemented by that which it thought it had successfully excluded, namely the always doubled imagination of the artist, the poet, the hacker, the gender outlaw, the visionary of unknown borderlands of the body, mind and spirit.