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Hacking the Future

Image: Heidi Tailleffer [image]

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker

Written in the shadows of the digital age, Hacking the Future tells the story of what happens to us when information technology escapes the high tech labs of Silicon Valley and invades the sites of everyday culture. Shopping the GAP, Branded Flesh, the World-Wide-Web Self: these are some of the survival tales of people who just want to feel again in a culture that is numbed and purified. The accompanying spoken word/music CD by the Krokers and composers Steve Gibson and David Kristian provides a sonic tour of the accelerated culture of the 90s.

Slash and Burn is an excerpt of Hacking the Future. More excerpts are available at the Krokers' Website .

If Data Trash is the theory, the grand Thomistic manual, then Hacking the Future is the stained-glass window.
-Globe and Mail

The Krokers interweave hard theory with elements of fiction in a new take on cyberpolitics.

The Krokers are developing a language to help us navigate the wired world. I call them, 'the new novelists'.
-Kathy Acker

I can't watch CNN or C-Span for more than half-an-hour without a Kroker-take intruding on my cable assisted stream of consciousness."
-Bruce Sterling

"Jack Kerouac meets cyberpunk."
-CBC Radio

[cover] Hacking the Future: Stories for the Flesh-Eating 90s
by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
1996, New World Perspectives, CultureTexts Series
Montreal: New World Perspectives, ISBN 0-920393-50-0
Published simultaneously in the USA by Palgrave, ISBN 0-31212-955-6

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