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C.B. Macpherson
Dilemmas of Liberalism and Socialism

William Leiss

Canada's preeminent political theorist, C.B. Macpherson won his international reputation for his controversial interpretations of liberalism. This book - the first to examine the entire range of his writings - seeks to place that interpretation of liberalism within the overall framework of his intellectual development. Focusing on two key themes - property and the state - C.B. Macpherson: Dilemmas of Liberalism and Socialism tracks Macpherson's analysis of the contradictions of liberal-democracy through all of his writings. More than a text on Macpherson, this book contains an explosive historical thesis: the notion of the quasi-market society as the common fate of contemporary capitalist and communist societies.

[cover] C.B. Macpherson: Dilemmas of Liberalism and Socialism
by William Leiss
1985, New World Perspectives, CultureTexts Series
Montreal: New World Perspectives, ISBN 920393-39-X

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