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Jean Baudrillard
Translated by Brian Singer

"Probably the most influential contemporary media analyst and social theorist."
    -New Statesman

"...for Baudrillard, is not seduction a new figure of our freedom?"

"It is as though some dreadful sliver of ice had lodged in the eye of the American avant-garde... Both the despair and the airy certainty reflect, in part, the enormous recent influence of a single thinker... the French theorist and philosopher Jean Baudrillard."
    -The New Yorker

"Seduction is a theory-fiction which resembles nothing which has preceded it. It turns contemporary discourses inside out, even the most radical, and could very well challenge all modem theory, even indeed, the rules of theoretical production itself."

Jean Baudrillard is the leading international theorist of postmodernism. Seduction is Jean Baudrillard's most provocative book. Here, under the sign of seduction all modern theory is put into question. Seduction speaks of the sudden reversibility in the order of things where discourse is absorbed into its own signs without a trace of meaning. In the sudden triumph of seduction in apocalyptic culture there is also signaled the end of history. As Baudrillard says, "Nothing can be greater than seduction itself, not even the order that destroys it."

[cover] Seduction
by Jean Baudrillard
Translated by Brian Singer
©1979, Éditions Galilée ©1990, New World Perspectives, CultureTexts Series
Montreal: New World Perspectives, ISBN O-920393-25-X
Published simultaneously in the USA by St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0-31205-294-4

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