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bai08b - 9/25/2009
L'Idéologie chrétienne Born Again
Arthur Kroker (Translated by Anne-Marie Hallé and Léa Gamache)
bai06 - 11/1/2006
Born Again Ideology: 1. Born Again Ideology
Arthur Kroker


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Date Published: 11/1/2006
Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Editors


Religion, Technology, and Terrorism

Arthur Kroker

Table of Contents

1. Born Again Ideology

The New Protestant Ethic • Inauguration Day Blues & the Messianic Rapture of End Times • Redemptive Violence and Panic Insecurity • Rapture and the American Mind • Vampire Puritans

2. Twisted Strands: Covenant Technology and the American Mind

The (American) Spirit of Technological Innovation • Competing World (Techno) Philosophies: Software, Wetware and Hardware • Covenant Technology • America as a Shining Body Upon a Hill • The Double Helix • The American Republic of Bio-Power • Catastrophe and Rapture • Three Twisted Strands • USA: An Open, Closed or Flat Universe? • The New Puritans: Twisted Strands Take Root on American Soil • The Double Helix as American Identity

3. The New Biometric State

Strategies of Bodily Purification • The Biometric Subject • Slipping into the Bloodstream of the Body Politic • The State of Suspicion • The Seduction of Terrorism • Tactics of Stereotypy, Scapegoating and Ressentiment • Cold Security • Ideology, Terrorism & the Body • Globalizing the Biometric State • Bodies & Torture • Domesticating the Biometric State • The Rings of Saturn • When Technology Crashed to Earth

4. The End of the New American Century

The Quantum Dividend • Second-Order Globalization • Art of Warfare

5. The Cosmological Compromise

The Flat World of Technology Has Just Been Thrown a Religious Curve • Faith-Based IT • The Double Cone Theory of the Propagation of (Political) Light

6. About the Author

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