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Date Published: 4/4/1996
Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Editors

Easter Sunday

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker

It's Easter Sunday in Montreal
And I'm doing my very best for baby Jesus
Dragging a pixel cross through the streets of the old city
on a pilgrimage to the Oratory
high on the hill.
Yeah, the one with Brother Andre's heart
on grisly display.
Rumor has it the heart went missing in '65
Stolen by the mob
and held for ransom,
But the Church just said:
"Keep it. There's plenty more where that came from."

And it's a truly swell parade
Seems that just everyone has come out for the big party
of death and resurrection,
Elvis look-alikes
Cross-dressing Madonnas
the restless, drifting soul of Kurt Cobain
and I swear that just ahead of me
Princess Di and Jackie O are all dressed up in
their Easter Sunday finery

A woman on stilts walks across the way
carrying the head of John the Baptist
on a plate to Planet Hollywood

The tomb is empty
Maybe it's waiting for us

And the cross is penance
"Sure, and I'm a natural born virgin,"
Madonna whispers in my ear.

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